our perfect angel

This guy [pointing at himself] is hungry! our son, insisting on having a 2nd dinner
Because trains is awesome! our son, in response to being asked why he chooses to play with model trains every day at camp
Hmm, I don’t know… for years! our son, in response to being asked about how long he’s liked dragons
The only person I know who’s not gay is Aunt Jackie. our son
The street is blocked. Again? What is wrong with this countries?! our son
The window being open makes me uncomfortable. our son
Stop it, mom! You’re embarrassing me! our son

back to one

A few months back, I reported that our son had a new brother. Well, that didn’t work out so well, to say the least. After hearing our perfect angel choking and catching the older brother with his hands around our son’s neck, we asked that he be removed from our home. It took the maximum amount of time – about 30 days – but he finally was removed. Although I feel a tiny bit bad about his prospects outside of our family, I know that we can’t save them all. And maybe “saving” is not what we’re doing at all. But needless to say, we’re back to one. And that’s perfect.

It appears that [your son] is beginning to get the ‘education bug’ and has started to develop a love of learning. – His 4th grade teacher

that rhymes!

  • Dad: It's time to turn off the TV and go brush you teeth.
  • Son: Oh hey! TV, teeth -- that rhymes!